The first episode of The Crown Season 5 released on Netflix

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The first episode of The Crown’s fifth season 5, which premiered on Wednesday (November 9), drew comparisons between the Queen and the Britannia, her most cherished royal residence.

The much-anticipated season of The Crown has finally premiered on the massive streaming service, and fans are ecstatic.

The upcoming season will focus on the royal family’s growing fractures, which date back to before Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ divorce.

The Crown got back with another astounding cast venturing into the shoes of the regal family. Zeroing in on the destruction of the connection between the then-Sovereign Charles and Princess Diana, played by much-acclaimed entertainers Dominic West and Elizabeth Debicki is normal.

Pakistan’s adaptable entertainer Humayun Saeed, trying the notorious job of English Pakistani specialist Hasnat (Diana’s reputed old flame), would be seen captivating fans with her unparalleled acting abilities in the forthcoming episode of the show.

“I think it’s very likely that these Netflix films will be taken as a quasi-documentary,” says professor Pauline Maclaran of the Centre for the Study of the Modern Monarchy at Royal Holloway, University of London.

The expert added: “We already know that the royals are much less popular with this generation.”

Pauline Maclaran imagines that the new series, covering the grieved connection between Princess Diana and the then Sovereign Charles, will not create significantly more compassion toward the government among the youth.

The author went on to say: “They are likely to understand Diana as the victim of Charles’ treatment of her.”