Akshay Kumar wants to lower his fees so the film’s overall budget is reduced, says it’s their fault that the audience is not coming to theatres

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Akshay Kumar is renowned for managing the finances of his films with great accuracy. Additionally, if he is producing the movie, he may decide to forego his usual fees and instead keep the money if the movie is successful. The actor has a long history in popular films. In reality, it was his movie “Sooryavanshi” that put a stop to the box office dry spell following the pandemic and revived hopes for the release of many more films.

Despite this, fewer people are visiting the theatres than in the past, and many high-profile films, including “Laal Singh Chadha” and Akshay’s “Bachchhan Paandey” and “Samrat Prithviraj,” had disappointing box office results. The actor recently spoke about this topic at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. He asserted that in order to regain the audience, the film business must completely overhaul its current structure. He placed focus on bringing down the price of the film and pledged to do the same with his own fees. Even more, he emphasized the necessity to lower the film’s production costs.

On the summit’s final day, the actor was there with Ram Charan. He continued by saying that they ought to be giving the viewers something unique. If the crowd isn’t visiting the theatres, he claimed that it is their problem. The actor stated that he wanted to begin something entirely different, and he may have already done so.

Akshay’s most recent appearance was in the Diwali film “Ram Setu.” He is now making news for not participating in “Hera Pheri 3.” Fans have been very unhappy, and Akshay acknowledged that he shares their feelings.