Kajol on her daughter Nysa receiving online abuse: You are famous if you are trolled

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Nysa Devgan’s mother Kajol has commented on the trolling she sees and how it may be affecting her. Continue reading to find out her thoughts!

Nysa Devgan, the daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgn, may not have entered Bollywood yet, but she is a star in her own right. The Instagram account of the star child has many fan pages, and images of her having a good time with her friends quickly become popular on social media. While her followers admire her and offer her so much affection, there is a specific group of social media users who troll her and write rude comments that are uncalled for. Nysa slayed throughout Diwali in her stunning ethnic attire. Kajol has since responded to it and voiced her thoughts on online trolls.

Kajol on social media trolling of her daughter Nysa

Kajol was asked how she responds to social media trolling in an interview with ETimes. Kajol replied that she thought trolling had turned into a strange part of social media. She laughed and continued, “Being trod on only shows you’re famous.” “If you are trolled, you are noticed. If you’re trolled you’re famous. It’s like you’re not famous till you’re trolled,”  she said. She acknowledged that it has an impact on her, but added that there is only so much seriously that one can take such things. ““I will be stupid and I will be idiotic to say that it does not affect me. But yes, there is a certain level that you can take it seriously.”

She continued by saying that although though there are many articles written on trolling, when she goes to read the comments, she discovers that there are hundreds of supportive replies and only one or two critical ones.

Advice Nysa receives from Kajol is released publicly

After that, Kajol continued, “I tell Nysa that for every one or two trolls who make hateful comments, there are a thousand other fans who think I’m amazing.”And most important of all, what do you see in the mirror? Whose opinion matters? My opinion matters. Not your own,”  she jokingly said.