Princess Kate’s rented green dress for Earth shot Prize wows fans – ‘glamour galore!’

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 Kate, Princess of Wales, added a splash of bright green at the Earth shot Prize ceremonies in Boston on Friday night. Online royal watchers have praised her rental gown.

Princess Kate’s rented green dress for Earthshot Prize wows fans - ‘glamour galore!'

For Thursday night’s second Earth shot Prize awards ceremony, Prince William and Kate, Princess of Wales went all out. When Kate and William traveled to Boston to promote their Royal Foundation initiative, they were dressed to impress. The Princess’ outfit was perfect for the event.

In order to support eco-innovators working to develop solutions to environmental issues, the Earth shot Prize awards £1 million in funding, and guests were advised not to purchase any new clothing for the event.

Solace London created Kate’s emerald green gown, which had a sleek silhouette and waist-cinching design.

The brand describes The Sabina as a “floor-length modern gown featuring an exaggerated neckline”.

The Princess of Wales is thought to have rented the dress from the designer dress rental website Hurr for the evening even though it has an online retail price of £350.