Nikkie de Jager Net Worth 2023-Biography, Career, Personal life

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Nikkie gained attention because of her official YouTube beauty channel, “NikkieTutorials.” There is no end to beauty tips on YouTube; yet this young Dutch beauty has managed to gain over 14 million subscribers on YouTube, charming her audience with her bubbly personality, lively humor, and contagious enthusiasm. 

Nikkie de Jager net worth -Biography, Career, Personal life

She received praise from critics because of the name of her official YouTube channel. The girl was born in Wageningen, Netherlands, therefore she was originally a Dutch citizen. Nikkie started her YouTube project with the same goals as hundreds of other social media stars fame and financial gain. Nikkie De Jager’s net worth is $6 million.

Early Life

Nikkie de Jager was born on March 2, 1994, and now be 28 years old in 2023. She was raised in a stable Christian family in Wageningen, Netherlands, where she was born. Nikkie holds Dutch citizenship and beliefs Christianity is her faith.

In Wageningen, Netherlands, she completed her early education at a local high school. She then enrolled in the B Academy University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where she eventually received her diploma. She has always wanted to pursue a profession as a well-known makeup artist and beauty YouTuber.

Full NameNikkie de Jager-Drossaers
Date of BirthMarch 2, 1994
Age28 years
Birth PlaceWageningen, Netherlands
ProfessionMakeup Artist
ParentsSaskia spent, Stepfather – Jeroen Spee
Material StatusMarried
HusbandDylan Drossaers
Net Worth 2023$6 million

Her mother also works as a beautician and has an online business. But Nikkie’s mother’s name is Saskia spee owner of the Dutch cosmetics company Het Cosmeticahuis. Her father’s name is Stepfather – Jeroen Spee. Her parents are both of European descent.

She has two brothers Emile de Jager and Stepbrother Ravi Spee. Her younger brother sadly passed away from cancer on May 25, 2018. She was born with the astronomical sign Pisces. She declared as transgender in one of her videos.


Nikkie’s fame was truly amazing. She was watching The Hill on MTV one day when she became sick from boredom. She was greatly inspired by the cosmetics of Audrina Patridge, Heidi Montag, and Lauren Conrad.

She then started searching for cosmetics techniques on Youtube. She started a YouTube account at the age of 14 and posted her debut video, “Makeup Tutorial; My First Official Look for YT,” which has received 3.8 million views so far. She started making videos for Halloween, new looks, and beauty tips.

Carter Sharer

In 2011, Nikkie joined B Academy and then entered into a contract with Colourfool Agency. She worked on such projects as Miljoenenjacht, The Face, and Holland’s and Benelux’s Next Top Model.

She started working there as a cosmetics artist. After two years, Jager took over as the show’s lead artist alongside Paul Fisher on RTL5 in 2013.

She left Colourfool Agency in 2014 after three years of employment in order to start a freelance makeup career. Her YouTube video, “The Power of Makeup,” gained a lot of popularity in 2015 after going viral. Now, this video has 42M views.

The Power of Make-up

“The Power of Make-up” was an online movement. With half of the girls’ faces covered in makeup and the other half sporting a more natural look, it broke the internet.

Because she was going unrecognized in public with her natural appearance, she created the trend of the half-makeup face.

She believed that makeup is an artistic medium and should not be used to hide one’s natural appearance. She wished for people to understand that wearing makeup does not equal appearing attractive to others. Nikkie, a makeup expert, quickly inspired the majority of the girls.

Soon after, she started to receive recognition for her amazing works in magazines and other media. Professional makeup artists gave the models in De Jager’s video the on-screen half-makeup look on Good Morning America.

Nikkie As a Youtuber

She uploaded her very first video to her YouTube channel, titled Makeup Tutorial; My First Official Look for YT. On June 29, 2008, it was uploaded.

It has received 3.8M views throughout these 11 years. Her first videos are “Makeup Tutorial: Neutral Look,” “Makeup Tutorial: Neutral Look,” and “NikkieTutorials |; Arabic Golden Yellow Look.”

Her most recent video is titled “MY FIRST PALETTE! Nimya: The Palette REVEAL! | NikkieTutorials” It was posted 1 month ago and has received 527k views.

Furthermore, she has uploaded videos this month to her channel, “Nikkietutorials,” including “I Should’ve Given Myself A Different Name… FIRST LETTER Makeup Challenge” and “JEFFREE STAR Blood Lust Collection Review… THE TRUTH!”

The same goes for her popular video of herself, “The Power of MAKEUP!” 42 million people have already viewed it. In a similar vein, among other videos, “I’m Coming Out” and “FULL FACE USING ONLY KIDS MAKEUP Challenge” are the two that have surpassed 38 million views.


  • She participated in the Dutch game show The Big Escape in September 2017. She participated in the nineteenth season of the well-known Dutch reality game show Wie is de Mol? in January 2019.
  • She had to withdraw from the competition in the third episode, too. She even made a guest judge appearance on the 2019 season of Glow Up on BBC Three.
  • She was given the chance to appear as a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in January 2020 after her coming-out video gained popularity. There, she discussed her experience coming out as transgender.
  • Wiwibloggs revealed in September 2020 that she would serve as a special judge on Drag Race Holland, the Dutch version of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Personal Life

She is transgender, reflecting his sexual preference. In a video titled “I’m Coming Out” which she posted to her YouTube channel on January 13, 2020, she revealed that she is transgender and that she was forced to come out by someone who threatened to reveal her assigned gender.

She also went through her transition during her teens. She and her boyfriend Dylan Drossaers are already engaged. In August 2019, the couple got engaged while on vacation in Italy.

he was dating Rick Smit when she became engaged to Dylan. They ended their long-term romance in May 2018. It is said that Rick’s infidelity was the reason for their breakup.

In September 2023 Nikkie married Dylan Drossaers, and she looked like a princess on her wedding day.

Body Measurements Height, Weight

She is a tall person. Her height is 6′ 2″ but it’s unknown how much she weighs.  She was formerly listed as weighing 88 kg, but records show that she later dropped a large amount of weight—roughly 22 kg.

She has a gorgeous physique. According to Celebsfact, her physical dimensions are 38-32-44 inches. Her Blonde hair and dark-Brown eyes further increase her beauty.

Nikkie De Jager – Social Media

On Instagram, she has a strong 16.8 million followers. She has the Instagram handle @nikkietutorials and is a verified user. Similarly to this, she has around 21.1 million followers on her @NikkieTutorials Twitter account. On Twitter, she is a verified user.

She also has 1.6 million followers on her @NikkieTutorials Facebook page. Her social media accounts are all confirmed. She can be found on Snapchat with the user name Nikkietutorials. Her YouTube channel currently has 14 million subscribers.

Nikkie Net Worth 2023

Nikkie de Jager, commonly known as NikieTutorials, is a social media personality and a YouTube star with a $6 million dollar net worth. She is recognized as the top makeup expert and runs the NikkieTutorials YouTube channel.

Jager’s videos on her channel NikkieTutorials about makeup and beauty helped her achieve great fame.

How rich are NikkieTutorials?

She is known for her YouTube channel named NikkieTutorials. Her Net Worth is $6 Million.

How tall is Nikkie de Jager?

Her height is 6′ 2″.

Are NikkieTutorials hooded eyes?

I have hooded eyes and if I could pay for an inch more lid space I would really go there! The only thing I do is go beyond the lines, go beyond what I see, and create what I want to see. For me, if I’m going ‘into my crease’ I would go way above the actual crease.

Who is Nikkie married to?

NikkieTutorials is officially a wife! The makeup artist and her fiance, Dylan Drossaers, tied the knot on Sept. 6. On Thursday, the YouTube star took to her channel to give a breakdown of the romantic ceremony, while doing a makeup tutorial.

Who is the richest girl YouTuber?

Anastasia Radzinskaya, better known as Nastya, has upwards of 100 million subscribers across her 11 YouTube channels, and Forbes reports she made an estimated $28 million in 2021 through ad revenue and brand deals.