Will Kate Middleton appear on Meghan Markle's podcast?

Kate Middleton is not likely to appear on Meghan Markle's podcast Archetypes, Daily Express reported.


The publication reported that the Princess of Wales will not make a surprise appearance to Meghan Markle's podcast as the two women's relations are still bruised.


The publication said the two women's relationship deteriorated after Meghan Markle's tell-all interview with American TV legend Oprah Winfrey.


Because of their differences, a Kate appearance on the podcast remains almost implausible, the Daily Express' Royal correspondent Richard Palmer said.


He added, "I don't get the impression that there is much of a relationship there between them at the moment.


"Maybe that will change but I think the signs are the relations are still pretty strained."


Palmer said Kate and other Royal Family members related to some of the grievances aired by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry when they still acted as working members of the Firm.


It was not immediately known whether Meghan Markle has shown any interest in inviting Kate to her podcast.