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A Roundup Of The 25 Things Celebs Did This Week

1. After some fans expressed concerns that Sydney Sweeney was being exploited

2. In a new tell-all documentary released Friday

3. Marvel stars like Simu Liu and David Dastmalchian called out Ant-Man's.

4. In a hilarious new AT&T commercial, unexpected duo Mila Kunis and Demi Moore joked about "having a lot in common."

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5. According to reports, Pamela Anderson is not thrilled with upcoming miniseries Pam & Tommy,

6. Kim Kardashian's ex Ray J has seemingly responded to Ye's claims that he retrieved an unreleased second sex tape of the two

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7. Who's in what: Lee Daniels is set to direct an exorcism thriller with an all-star cast featuring Andra Day