Robbie Williams and Ayda Field have been happily married since 2010

First time Robbie Williams has opened up about how he proposed to his now-wife

 it would always be a queen, so I took her to the place I first laid my eyes on her and gave her four queens

Each card said one word. Will... You... Marry... Me?

Couple tied the knot at the singer's Los Angeles home in a wedding exclusively covered by HELLO! 

Our wedding was a strictly non-traditional day packed with surprises, with the 60

Robbie said, 44, at the time The only thing that's traditional about the wedding is the vows. No hen party, no bachelor party, no wedding showers

"Our doggies are taking the bridesmaid roles!" added Ayda. "I was originally thinking little bow ties for them, but instead they're going to each have flower collars."

Robbie and Ayda are set to work together for the first time in September as the X Factor's new celebrity judges