It's been 84 years since Prince William and Kate Middleton got together in college, but please be advised that Prince William dated around for a bit before committing to Kate.

According to the Daily Mail, Rose (pictured above at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding) was William's "first love" back at some random polo club.


The Daily Mail reports that Davina and William were briefly dating in 1999, when she accompanied him on a cruise that was (help) described as a "love boat." Also, I'm sorry to report these two are apparently second cousins, so let's hope rumors that they dated are false.


Jecca and William dated back in 2000 during Prince William's pre-college gap year. And, uh, their former relationship allegedly caused some drama with Kate Middleton during William's birthday party.


The Daily Mail reports that William briefly dated Arabella before university, but apparently "the relationship fizzled out when he started his first term."


Arabella then went on to date William's buddy James Tollemache, and a friend said, "I think at first Kate felt threatened by Bella because she was William's first real love, but when she realized that Bella and James were as tight as they are, she relaxed a lot more and Kate and Bella actually get on very well now."


William also dated Olivia (alas, no pics) at university, with a source telling the Daily Mail that "William was seeing Olivia when he met Kate, and when Kate came on the scene Olivia moved off pretty quickly.


William reportedly met Isabella when he and Kate were "on a break," and he fell hard.



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