Kelly Reilly plays Beth Dutton, a breakout character who has helped fuel the success of ‘Yellowstone.’

“Yellowstone” was built around the star wattage of Kevin Costner. It’s the character Beth Dutton who lights up the show’s massive fan base the most.


Since then “Yellowstone” has grown into the biggest series on television, its popularity catching fire in the heartland first and then spreading to the coasts.


The story resonated with its Western setting and characters obsessively defending family, land and a fading way of life.


Kevin Costner’s character, Montana rancher John Dutton, relies on the fierce loyalty of his daughter Beth.


‘Yellowstone’ fans have a unifying mantra: ‘Don’t make me go Beth Dutton on you.’


"You have to be much more versatile today because there is that much more work and people are accepting different kinds of work," he added.


"If you get an offer, or you get more work, that means you are doing something right, and you should pat yourself on the back and get back to working," he added.



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