Folarin Balogun Reveals Thierry Henry's Advice That Helped Him Outscore Lionel Messi in Ligue 1 

Folarin Balogun, on loan from Arsenal to Reims, has scored 17 goals in Ligue 1, four more than Lionel Messi.  


Balogun revealed that Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has been giving him advice, which has helped him perform well in France.


Balogun stated that Henry messaged him with words of encouragement before the Monaco game, which he won with a goal, and they have been in touch since then.


The youngster said he has been asking Henry general questions about his career, and the Arsenal icon has been giving him helpful advice.


Balogun is expected to return to Arsenal at the end of the season but could move to a "very big club" if he does not stay with the Gunners.


The 21-year-old was left out of the latest England squad due to injury, but he had been called up to the Under-21 squad.