Emily Blunt has taken on some fierce opponents in her time on-screen – but she’s revealed there’s somethings she just can’t stomach, one of them being dead hair.

The Mary Poppins Returns actress discussed her irrational fear, as reported by The Daily Mail, and said she can’t be near “any sort of loose hair”.


The British star, who is currently starring in BBC2 drama The English, said: “I have a phobia about dead hair.


“Any sort of loose hair, like in a sink or a brush — I’m not into that.”


Not only is Blunt sharing her phobias, but she is also discussing how her brother-in-law Stanley Tucci has enjoyed becoming a sex symbol in his sixties.


Appearing on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, the 39-year-old discussed her Thanksgiving plans with the show host and revealed:“Stanley makes a fantastic Christmas cosmo. Can you believe that? He’s a sex symbol now.”


When asked if Tucci, 62, was “shocked by his new status, Blunt insisted: “I think he’s shocked”, despite Colbert’s playful quips that he believed the Hunger Games star wasn’t.


Speaking of Tucci, who is married to her sister Felicity, she added: “It’s amazing that it took a sort of irreverent video on Instagram that my sister told him to post and then he became a sex symbol.


“But I asked him, ‘Do you like it deep down? Do you like being a sex symbol?’ And he goes, ‘’I mean, yeah’”.


Elsewhere, Blunt said she loved working with writer and director Hugo Blick in upcoming western drama The English because he “doesn’t cling too tightly to his words”.


Blunt told the PA news agency: “I love a Western, never done a Western. “I was excited to do one and I haven’t done a long-form storytelling and I was wanting to and I was sent it and I just thought it was so heart-stopping and so beautiful and yet so violent. How cool that something could be all of those things.