Arjun Kapoor creates a  clip on Hasan Raheem’s Aisay Kaisay

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Arjun Kapoor used Hasan Raheem’s Aise Kaise in his reel earlier today. 

Arjun posted a video on Instagram today in which he can be seen driving around Dehli on a chilly but beautiful morning. He wrote in the caption, “On some days, very rarely, even I am a morning person. Many thanks to Dilli ki vibes and sardi. On nearly deserted streets, he is seen simply chasing the sun and reveling in his surroundings.

Love this song, Rhea Kapoor commented beneath his reel. Arjun is in no way a morning person, so Bhumi Padnekar’s ‘Rare’ comment under the picture further confirmed that this was a rare sight.

Faltu Pyar, a recent song by Hasan Raheem, is quite popular among the general people. His innovative approach to experimenting with musical genres instantly draws in the listener.